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Amentia is a Master/blaster/shaker/changer and currently an independent who runs the Twilight Zone café.

Status Active
Classification Master/shaker/blaster/breaker
Faction Independent
Alias Unknown
Age 20
Origin NO DATA


Amentia is known to shoot waves of darkness that make people chase after shadows by altering perception. This effect seems to come from being hit by his shaker or blaster power, both of which look like solidified shadows. Displayed a sort of changer power that was dubbed 'Cthulu, but everything being teeth' by PHO.

Costume Description

A long black cloak covers similarly covered light vest or armor underneath along with padding for the joints. There is an old revolver in a holster to his side and a knife strapped to his thigh. A full head helmet covers his head, featureless except for two sickly yellow circles for eyes.



Amentia currently maintains either a friendly or neutral relationship with most of the capes active within Detroit.


Amentia has recently begun acting colder towards several members of the Forerunners, it is currently unknown as to why this is the case.


Was first seen talking to and then hugging Basketface.

Was seen defending a bank against Kingsman and Everyone, he was aided by Terra Lord, now Lady Gaia.

Set up a café named The Twilight Zone in the border areas of Faceless and Eclipse territory, next to the park.

Aided during the capture of Shadowdancer into Forerunner custody.

Was seen storming through the streets in Eclipse territory for an unknown reason before being stopped by Impact of the Forerunners, no fight occurred between the two.

Parahumans Online

I've been working for Amentia for over a month now and I'm still not quite sure what to think of him. When he's in a good mood I would trust the guy with my life, but when he's angry it seems like some kind of demon replaced the kind, yet sad guy I know. I know triggers mess people up, but he got screwed far harder than most capes that arrive over at the café. They tend to be consistent in their madness at least. ~Xandrium

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