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 +====== Anathema ​ ======
 +Anathema is a vicious Brute and former member of the [[ic:​faction:​faceless|Faceless]]. She is a rather transparent expy of Venom from the Spider-Man comic books.
 +<div right #id width>
 +^Status | Retired |
 +^Classification | Brute |
 +^Faction | Faceless |
 +^Alias | Betty Rock |
 +^Age | 28 |
 +^Origin | Earth Dalet |
 +====== Powers ======
 +Anathema is a Changer who can transform into a hulking, toothy Brute form. This form has high durability and can regenerate damage done to it, but it is also vulnerable to fire and has a mind of its own.
 +====== Costume Description ======
 +Anathema’s normal “costume” is a simple suit of black body armor with her spider logo on the front and back. This, however, is just what goes on underneath her real costume: the symbiote suit itself. When the symbiote is active, she becomes a towering, toothy mass of inky muscle and tentacles.
 +====== Relationships ======
 +===== Friends =====
 +Betty Rock previously worked with [[ic:​cape:​aten|Achilles Bernard]] and [[ic:​cape:​arachnid|Patricia Parker]] at the Daily Doogle in her civilian identity
 +======= Enemies =======
 +Betty'​s trigger event was caused by a villain with an acid power, though he was arrested and soon forgotten.
 +She considered [[ic:​cape:​arachnid|Spider-Mam]] her nemesis, blaming Spider-Mam for her trigger.
 +====== History ======
 +Anathema briefly worked for the Faceless in her quest for revenge. She battled against the Simurgh during her time in the city, and was protected from the Simurgh'​s influence by her power.
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 +== Parahumans Online ==
 +/* What has the internet got to say about them? Other capes? */
 +Example comment. ~//​examplecommenter//​
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