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A wayward Ultramarine on the quest for world domination.

Status Active
Classification Tinker
Faction Faceless
Alias /
Age 23
Origin Earth Dalet


Astartes is a tinker who is on public record as saying “I do big shit as my specialty.” Overall, between the 10 foot long cannonblade and power armor that weighs more than a car, very few have disagreed with her assessment.

Costume Description

Astartes wears blue power armor with a strong resemblance to Ultramarine Armor from the fantasy RPG Warhammer 40k. She frequently carries a cannonblade reminiscent of Chevalier's that can transform into a 15 foot long spear, a hammer that crackles with lightning, and a comically oversized shield.


Blackguard - Significant Other

Kinetic Cold - friend

Nike - friend

Bane - her boss

Nemesi Ametts - Uncle


Astartes is in a relationship with Blackguard, is the niece of Punch Bird, and is allied with Kinetic Cold.


Astartes' primary enemy is Halcyon, and she has a general rivalry attitude with other heroes.


Astartes slowly climbed the power ladder, beginning as one of the weakest tinkers in the city and slowly joining the most powerful, barring ACME and Singularity. She is known for vandalizing public property with her large cannonblade, but seldom does more than defend the territory of the Faceless from incursions by weaker capes. In the past, Astartes has expressed the wish to subjugate the world and rule it, but has made no attempt to actually take over. Like most capes in Detroit, Astartes was present and nearly died at Gold Morning.

Parahumans Online

they're loud and funny and kind of cool. ~XxlordofdoomxX

0/5 chevalier did it better, and without the evil ~howardduck

I bet it's actually a dude under that armor ~bjorgonsson

i still have that her x tentacles fic to thank for boosting my popularity even more! ~s9hentaiblogfangirl

Pretty sure she has brain damage. Just like the rest of the Faceless. ~Halcyon

Ugly as shit tin can, with a stupid looking spear ~Fractal

These comments are a disgrace. I'm banning all of you. ~Kingfisher

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