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Bane is the foul-mouthed leader of the Faceless, and a big guy, for you.

Status Active
Classification Trump, Striker
Faction Faceless
Alias Carl Cranston
Age 18
Origin Earth Dalet


Bane is a power-copying trump, keeping a portion of powers copied permanently. He's displayed a wide array of capabilities, from super-strength to teleportation to forcefields.

Costume Description

Bane is quite tall, at about six foot six, and wears a large, simplistic black and grey bodysuit, with a black mask that covers all of his head and face, set with tinted red lenses. The gloves are heavily padded, and set with sharp spikes. The costume very carefully covers every inch of skin, not showing any.

His costume is wrapped in armor generated from fire and ice, thick, oddly solid-looking flames burning in the cracks in the ice and wrapping around it.



He doesn't have a lot of friends in Detroit, probably owing to his stunning personality. Though he and Nike seem quite fond of one another. He's of course at least allied with the other members of the Faceless.


Anvil, Haymaker, and, to a lesser degree, their faction, the Forerunners. Pretty much every other group in the city, too, though with far less real hostility.


Joined the Faceless early on in their lifespan, working as just one of their capes for a time. Eventually went on to lead a coup against the original leaders of the Faceless, seizing control for himself from La Divoratrice and Influx.

He has the same surname as Chiron, Cherry Bomb, and Firepower. For once, this is a coincidence, and not random characters being related to each other for no apparent reason.

Parahumans Online
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