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“Trees, they are us!” -Basketface

Status Active
Classification Tinker
Faction Faceless
Alias Natalie Rose
Age 12
Origin Earth Dalet


Basketface is known to be a Tinker with a specialty towards plants. She has been seen throwing various fruits and vegetables, and swinging a thistly bat as her choices of weaponry. Visibly, her power also seems to have included shifting her physiology to something more akin to a plant.

Costume Description

Basketface is a small, plant monstrosity girl. Their entire body is green, consisting purely out of plant matter. The plant matter is semi-transparent, leaving her vascular system visible through her skin. They have long, green hair made of the same plant matter, tied into a braid. A flower pokes out of their hair, serving as an ornament. A bigger flower is growing directly on the top of their head, reaching a foot in height. It looks like a rose, though splayed out much more than a typical one, and is midnight black in color, reaching a soft morning orange in a gradient nearing the bottom.

Basketface wears a frilly dress with laces, paired with an apron along with a pinafore, complete with a skirt. The entire set looks somewhat like a classical maid's dress, but is entirely made up of her own plant matter. Her vascular system is visible on the actual clothing as well, implying that the clothes themselves are actually just a part of her body.





Natalie Rose was born in the Grand Rapids to a family as an only child. Early on, she was diagnosed with a severe mental illness, but was able to manage to live a relatively normal life for the majority of her childhood. She was able to attend school, form friendships, manage everything a normal young child would. Though it was apparent that something was off about her, in some small way. She was strange, it was obvious that she wasn't quite normal. Generally, though, Natalie was a cheerful little girl, and lived a relatively unremarkable life with her family, up until her trigger event.

Parahumans Online

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