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Chiron was one of the founders of Rogue One, and its behind-the-scenes sponsor.

Status Retired
Classification Brute
Faction Rogue One
Alias Sen. John Cranston
Age 43
Origin Earth Dalet


Chiron is a Brute capable of generating green energy armor for himself or his allies.

Costume Description

Chiron wears simple body armor, with the green energy armor providing most of the looks beyond that.



Chiron is the father of Cherry Bomb and Firepower. He also saw Ancalagon as something of a child figure.


None known.


Chiron triggered defending a friend from an attacker. He founded Rogue One alongside Monarch years later, and helped the team from behind the scenes.

Much later, he helped Halcyon and Khione investigate Sen. Johnstone.

Parahumans Online

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