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Desperado was the founder and leader of the short-lived Outlaws gang.

Status Retired
Classification Blaster
Faction Outlaws
Alias Annie Callahan
Age 21
Origin Earth-Nun


Desperado is a Blaster/Trump whose power lets her imbue two revolvers with her power. She can shoot blasts with various effects, such as fire or electricity.

Costume Description

Desperado wears a red cowboy hat, a red bandanna that covers the lower half of her face, a denim skirt, leather gloves, and cowboy boots.

Annie is a dark-haired Asian woman who always wears a cowboy hat and full makeup. She normally wears a skirt, a short T-shirt, and boots.



Desperado had two allies in the Outlaws, a pair of villains named Fulminant and Jackal. She also became friends with the heroine Arcana.


Desperado had few enemies.


Annie is a transwoman from Pennsylvania with an odd fixation on the wild west, cowgirls in particular. She was born Akira Takumi, the eldest son of Oda Takumi - a.k.a. Yumi, a powerful Blaster and boss of the strongest parahuman gang in Earth-Nun Boston. Yumi’s power worked with bows, allowing him to fire devastating homing blasts that made him a lethal threat at long range. Yumi raised Akira with the intent of making him his successor.

Akira also had a younger brother named Tokugawa, who triggered before his sibling.

Frustrated with his eldest son’s apparent inability to trigger and fearing that the local gangs would not respect a transwoman gang leader, Yumi struck out in a rage and seared Akira with a burning arrow. He was immediately horrified at what he’d done, but Annie was gone before he could catch up to her.

Parahumans Online

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