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Diablo is a Case 53 tinker and a member of the Street Sharks.

Status Active
Classification Tinker
Faction Street Sharks
Alias Zafiro Catalina
Age 18
Origin Earth-Samekh


Diablo is a Hyperspecialist/Controller Tinker with a Blaster subpower that powers her Tinker creations. Diablo creates small, clay statues of creatures, which she uses her pyrokinesis to ignite and power during combat. While powered, the statues grow and gain powerful fire-based attacks, but they quickly burn out in combat and soon transform back into their unpowered form.

Costume Description

Diablo has bloodred skin, pointy ears, sharp teeth, and a long, forked tongue, as well as a long, spiky tail and tiny horns on her forehead. Her left hand has sharp claws and a Ω tattoo on its back, while her right forearm is gone completely, replaced with a clay prosthetic that glows through small cracks in its surface. Diablo wears black, spiky armor with a witch hat.



Diablo was friends with most of the Street Sharks, including Maestro and Champion, as well as Hobo Bob, a Hearth member she frequently sparred with.


Diablo had few enemies, not caring to get personally involved in major conflicts.


Diablo is an allurin, a half-demon, half-human creature born after her demoness mother, Belial, seduced a mortal man. She has the power to animate demonic beasts with blasts of hellfire.

Of course, that’s just what she tells people.

Once upon a time, Zafiro Catalina was the youngest child of the Catalina family, a wealthy Mexican dynasty on Earth-Samekh that made its fortune from silver and expanded it on the black market. The Catalinas had as much influence and political power as they did wealth, thanks to their funding and operation of many Catholic churches around the region, as well as their funneling of church donations to powerful politicians. However, there were those in the drug trade who saw the Catalinas as powerful potential rivals.

Young Zafiro was always less apt to fall in line than her older sisters Esmerelda and Rubí, seeing their parents’ strict Catholic upbringing as oppressive. She acted out, getting involved with small-time delinquents and “Satanic” groups that practiced “witchcraft,” trying to cast spells on people who annoyed them.

After being deposited on Earth-Ayin on February 28, 2010 at age 10, Diablo spent years surviving on her own on the streets. After the interdimensional portals opened, she began to travel between the “realms,” and eventually came to Earth-Dalet.

Parahumans Online

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