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A minion-based cape, who worked himself from a recruit to be leader of Eclipse.

Status Active
Classification Master
Faction Eclipse
Alias -
Age 32
Origin -


Has a Master classification, and operates a variety of minions he summons in some form. Likely also some degree of Tinker, based on his costume, and the digital effects associated with his self-described digital minions, “digimin”. One of the minions is a mechanical panther, with loose wires. Everyone is also often seen with a rabbit on his shoulder.

Costume Description

Wears a dark grey bodysuit with stripes, with a black single-piece helmet. He has some devices on both his forearms, a brown belt with metallic spheres on his hip, and wears a dark-blue tactical shoulder-bag. Carries a shield.



Is considering Kingsman a friend or ally.



Appeared in Detroit just after the collapse of Faceless and death of Nike. Operated as an solo cape some time trying to carve his own corner in the city but eventually relented and joined eventually Eclipse. Is implicated in a bank robbery, but no charges have been brought up.

Participated in the investigations of the series of murders by Stitcher's group, and in the Graveyard battle that captured Shadowdancer.

During the Bug Invasion, he actively participated in the engagements again the threat, was once wounded heavily, and was present in the final encounter when the Insect Queen was killed.

Everyone stepped up to become leader of Eclipse due to Killsat's increasing inactivity & absence. Prior to this Eve had been the acting leader for a while, and the change of leadership went virtually unnoticed. Eve recruited several new members during this time.

Eclipse didn't show any sign of activity during the Cyborg Invasion, but at some point Everyone had seemingly returned from seclusion, after having supposedly met publicly both with Valiant Dawn's leader Impact and Phoenix's Xylilith in a short time-span.

Parahumans Online

This is a true madlad, at least when choosing a cape name. “Everyone”, really? Either way this troll runs Eclipse now, so I'm guessing the joke just went too far… ~NotAfroman

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