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 +====== Gungnir ​ ======
 +Gungnir was a founding member of [[ic:​faction:​rogue_one|Rogue One]].
 +<div right #id width>
 +^Status | Retired |
 +^Classification | Trump |
 +^Faction | [[ic:​faction:​rogue_one|Rogue One]] | 
 +^Alias | Emmett Brady | 
 +^Age | 24 |
 +^Origin | Earth Dalet |
 +====== Powers ======
 +Gungnir is a Trump/​Striker whose powers scale based on what he knows about his opponents. He is able to apply runes to a power-generated spear that contain information and can be used to "​buy"​ various spear effects.
 +Gungnir'​s second trigger allowed him to apply these effects to his own body, giving his power a Breaker/​Mover element.
 +====== Costume Description ======
 +Gungnir typically wore a simple, armored, red costume with a maroon scarf around his mouth and neck.
 +====== Relationships ======
 +===== Friends =====
 +Gungnir was close to his Rogue One allies, including [[ic:​cape:​whelm|Whelm]],​ [[ic:​cape:​parallel|Parallel]],​ and [[ic:​cape:​sightline|Sightline]]. He soon discovered [[ic:​cape:​ingress|Ingress]] was his adoptive mother Dian, and he became rather attached to [[ic:​cape:​golem|Battlescar]] because of Ingress'​s relationship with Battlescar.
 +==== Enemies ====
 +Gungnir'​s greatest enemy was the [[ic:​faction:​elite|Elite]] assassin Scorched Earth, who killed Gungnir'​s father and caused his trigger event.
 +====== History ======
 +Gungnir was a vigilante for several years before joining Rogue One at age 15. He searched tirelessly for his nemesis Scorched Earth, until eventually he and [[ic:​cape:​oristalla|Oristalla]] tracked down and killed the villain.
 +He was a Rogue One member up until the Rogue One civil war, after which he fled to [[ic:​chetumal|Mexico]] with Ingress and [[ic:​cape:​patch|Patch]]. Eventually, the small group came to Jacksonville,​ Florida, where Gungnir lived for the next nine years.
 +Gungnir was not present at any of the [[ic:​gold_morning|battles against Scion]]. Sometime after Golden Morning, Gungnir became the leader of a local hero team in Jacksonville.
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 +== Parahumans Online ==
 +/* What has the internet got to say about them? Other capes? */
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