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Idolum is a transfer cape from New York City with a wide array of powers that swap out seemingly at random.

Status Retired
Classification Trump
Faction PRT
Alias /
Age 49
Origin Earth Dalet


Idolum is a Trump with the ability to hold up to 2 powers at once that swap randomly. He can, however, choose to hold on to a power if he wishes, and with a bit of time and luck Idolum can quickly become a formidable opponent. Recently, after Gold Morning, Idolum has demonstrated the ability to occasionally hold up to 3 powers at once, and reports of unstable power surges have caused effects such as granting everyone within his range the ability to fly, or transforming Idolum into a potted plant temporarily. Civilians are advised to stay far from his fights for this reason.

Costume Description

Idolum wears a blue bodysuit with body armor, as well as a golden helmet, boots, belt, and gloves.


Idolum has no publicly known relationships.


Idolum has no publicly known friends


Idolum's primary enemies are villains, though he seems to have taken a particular disliking to Bane, the leader of the Faceless.


Beginning in New York, Idolum's career is long, if not glamorous. Publicly triggering in 1992 during Behemoth's first attack on New York City, Idolum is one of the old guard Protectorate heroes. On a trial run in Charlotte as interim Team Leader while the Queen City's normal leader was recovering from a brutal cape fight with the Fallen, a Ward under Idolum mysteriously disappeared. While the circumstances were concealed from the public, Idolum quietly stood down and returned to his home city, before undergoing a transfer with Detroit.

Idolum arrived in Detroit several months before Gold Morning. Overall his activity has been low in the city, though he did participate in Gold Morning in an evacuation and healing role. Since Gold Morning he has been spotted once in the city, but the next day made an appearance in New York and began assisting the rebuilding efforts. As far as the public is aware, he remains there to this day.

Parahumans Online

this fucking scrub thinks he's some kind of god and compares himself to eidolon. total ripoff. ~tyler2

i saw him saving a cat from a tree once. i'm not even kidding. it was actually kind of cute. ~gustavusadolphus140

he seemed nice when i met him. i looked into his past a bit, though. seems kinda shady to me, but idk. ~peachesandrosemary

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