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Khione is an icy blaster that defends and attacks with ice. She has a habit of throwing snowballs at people.

Status Active
Classification Blaster
Faction Faceless
Age 17
Origin Texas


Khione is an icy blaster. Her power lets her shoot at people with a mixture of colder air, snow and icicles.

Her power lets her armour herself with ice, which regenerates on a regular basis. Her armour seems to be dependent on some unknown source, with armour being nonexistent when using icicles, except on occasions on which both seem to be there.

She has been known to shoot herself, the attacks often giving her more armour and seeming to revitalise her some.

Posse's men seem to be currently in Khione's control, as they have been seen clinging to her since his untimely death.

Costume Description

She generally wears civilian clothes, with ice and some armour over top. There's a mask covering her face though.

It's very pretty ice



Posse was Khione's adoptive father.

Grail was a friend of hers, before his ultimate demise at the hands of the Empire Eighty Eight during their siege of Detroit.

She was befriended by Halcyon, after having betrayed the other's trust several times.

During her time in the wards, she befriended some of the other wards, such as Impact. Some of which she still keeps in contact with.

There is currently scrutiny on the ward Keystone's and her's relationship. The relationship is purely platonic.

She is affiliated with the Faceless

There was a friendship with the villain Empress before her death.

She currently has a civilian friendship with Morningstar and Jackal

Smoothie Squad

Before Gold Morning, Khione was part of a friend group containing Nova, TinkerBell, Kinetic Cold and Rex. The group collapsed for unknown reasons.


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Khione is not aware of any enemies she's made. She very vaguely dislikes Anvil though.


Khione first appeared as Permafrost in 2011, when she joined the detroit wards.

Empire 88 fights?

Defecting to Faceless

Parahumans Online

She's totally fucking keystone. ~notkm

I'm sorry, Khione. You deserve better. Keep out of trouble while I'm gone! ~Halcyon

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