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Miss Direction

Miss Direction is a cape thief and member of the Morningstar Parahuman Investigative Agency.

Status Active?
Classification Stranger
Faction MPIA
Alias Ashley Carolina
Age 26
Origin Earth Dalet


Miss Direction is a Stranger who can alter people's memories in a large radius to make herself completely unnoticeable and uninteresting.

Yeah, she's basically Nice Guy.

Costume Description

Miss Direction’s costume varies, depending on what job she’s working. Her default costume is a dark purple catsuit with a simple mask, usually worn under her clothes to be changed into when needed. However, she typically goes to work in some sort of disguise relevant to whatever place she’s breaking into.



Miss Direction was close with Radiant and the other members of the Light before the faction's destruction. She later learned Golem was her father and Looker was her sister.


Miss Direction swore revenge on the parahumans who murdered Radiant, Anomalist and La Divoratrice. However, she never saw Divoratrice again.


Miss Direction was a costumed thief in New York before she even got powers. She “triggered” after drinking a Cauldron vial she had successfully stolen.

After the deaths of most members of the Light, Miss Direction and Radiant fled to Detroit, and Radiant was killed shortly thereafter by Anomalist and La Divoratrice. Miss Direction managed to kill Anomalist in revenge, after which she was imprisoned until Golden Morning.

After Gold Morning, Miss Direction became a member of the Morningstar Parahuman investigative Agency.

Parahumans Online

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