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Mistress is a 16 - 18 year old girl who fancies herself a mercenary, taking on only a few smaller jobs. Most of the jobs so far have either been trivial stakeouts for the PRT, or getaway driving for minor villains. She also has a minion following her around all the time named Kohaku.

Status Active
Classification Master/Trump
Faction Independent
Alias Alia Ciprus, Ragdoll
Age 16-18
Origin Earth Dalet

Costume Description

She is 5'6, with flowing black hair that she tends to keep hidden within her cowl. She wears an overall grey look to fit right in while still slightly contrasting with, her minion. On her face, she wears a drooping cowl, along with a cloth mask that covers her face. On her torso she wears a long, connected dress with short but poofy sleeves. The dress reaches all the way to the ground and hides her feet.


She can form a minion that seems to be made of pure smog out of thin air. This minion looks almost insectoid in nature, and stands much taller than her. It is known to be very fast, durable, and can act independently of it's master. Oddly enough, whenever it is at peak, or near peak, fighting status Mistress herself tends to vanish. When prompted about this, she declined to answer. She calls this minion “Kohaku” and seems to only be capable of summoning one at once, though the range or rapidity of which is unknown. Furthermore, we really haven't seen her in a position on which she has to rely on her minion and as such it's not entirley know how she or it works.  Mistress' minion, kohaku.


None as of yet, at least not with other capes. It is worth noting though she has given her business card to both a member of Eclipse (Thane) and The Authority (Mr. Smiley). With any luck, this may spread into a much more interesting case of events.


Other than taking a few small jobs for Heros, stakeouts and such, and a few small jobs for villians, mostly having a disposable body or a getaway driver, not much. Is is worth noting her trigger event is mostly unknown, but the fact that she is a single-minion (supposedly) master, and a trump, may have something of a hint for us.

Parahumans Online

She's a Mercenary? Fuck, she dosen't look fit enough to tie my shoe! - gallantChampion

looks like kinbait to me. - Furfro2002

where's the name Kohaku come from? i get if it's a personal thing to her, but the public needs to know! for all our info, it could be some super huge villian or murderer! still, she'll never make it big so it probably dosen't matter. - Alexia [Verified Cape]

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