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Mr. Smiley

Mr. Smiley is a former bounty hunter, currently in the employ of the Authorities. He is ALWAYS HAPPY!

Status Active
Classification Thinker, Shaker, Tinker
Faction The Authority
Age 22
Origin Earth Kaf


A grab-bag cape. Their primary power is presumed to be their Thinker power, which seems to deal with guns or reflexes. They have been seen to fire their revolvers at a ridiculous rate, swapping targets on the fly while maintaining accuracy. They are also a minor telekinetic, with very small range and strength. Primarily used to reload guns or to swap weapons without bothering to use hands. Supposedly manifests sub-tinker powers, focused around bullets.

Costume Description

Tall and lanky, he wears sleek gunmetal-grey body armor. A black-red biker helmet covers his face, a smiley face messily spray-painted on in yellow.



He loves all of his many friends! Especially the ones in the Authority!


Mr. Smiley is a good guy!


Mr. Smiley was a bounty hunter on earth Kaf. He was famed for his ruthlessness and effectiveness, tracking his targets across the continents and slaughtering them without remorse. Supposedly he once took out an entire gang of unpowered poeple in a single shootout. At last confirmed count, he'd collected almost 57 different bounties, five of them powered. Was once spotted hauling two separate halves of a corpse into the bounty office, blood still drying on his armor and mask.

Parahumans Online

Good person. Strong fighter. Glad to know him. ~Mr. Grim

His eternal grinning has to be a cover for something bad. Hope he doesn't just snap and murder someone. ~Starstrike

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