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Prince Brave

Prince Brave is a cape that generates weapon out of solidified emotions.

Status Active
Classification Striker
Faction The Authority
Alias Corinth Amberlain
Age 10
Origin Archea Pelos, Earth Nun


Costume Description

Prince is a small child with long hair reaching down to his waist, they wear a simple shirt and pair of shorts, the most notable aspect of him is the shitty oversized plastic crown that he dons on his head, one point crooked to a curve, missing the rounded out end. They also wear a cape out of a dusty old blanket, and have a plain white mask to cover their face. A clear orb idly floats by their side, occasionally filling in certain colors depending on the emotion that it eats up.



Saint Slugger took them in after the death of their father.

Apparently close with Network.


Bitter enemies with Leech, following a cycle of murder and vengeance after Leech killed Saint Slugger.


Caused Leech's second trigger event.

Parahumans Online

The dumbest fucking four year old in the whole city. ~Fractal

He's so cooooool! ~Mr. Smiley

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