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Status Retired
Classification Tinker
Faction PRT
Alias /
Age 14
Origin Russia


Russian nuke child

Costume Description

Tinkerbell wears a green dress that goes down to her mid thighs and under the dress is a pair of black leggings. The sleeves on her dress go down to elbows and from there, pale green gloves take their place. Tinkerbell wears a pair of green converse. She has blonde hair with green tips that goes down to her shoulders. She wears a green Domino mask over her eyes.



Tinkerbell made a group known as 'The Smoothie Squad', which included: Khione, Nova, Rex, And Kinetic Cold, who was also her boyfriend.

Tinkerbell was adopted by Aten, who was dating Halcyon. Making her Tinkerbell's adoptive Mother.

Had an almost Brother/Sister relationship with Morningstar before she was caught outside the time bubble.

Her friends from the PRT include: Epione, Keystone, Anvil, Impact, Gilgamesh, Asimov, Courier, Isochron, Haymaker,

Acquaintances from other factions include: Nike, Posse, Templar,


Tinkerbell did not know the meaning of the word 'enemy'


Tinkerbell almost got kidnapped by a Russian glass lady

Parahumans Online

Tinkerbell get off the internet ~Khione

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