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Detroit Costume rules

Link to updated Detroit costume rules

Your costume, regardless of visual design has these statistics unless otherwise stated by your power.

5 armor, armor functions as a protection against damage, each point of armor absorbs a lesser of damage before breaking. A moderate is 2 lessers and a critical wound is 6 lessers. If you take more armor damage from one wound than you had left, the wound is reduced by a stage. I.e. if you have one armor point and take a moderate wound the moderate loses half its potency and becomes a lesser. This does not affect critical wounds.

2 points to be spent on qualities, qualities can be switched around freely in between fights. Multiple instances of the same quality do not stack in any way. Effects that remove costume qualities only remove positive ones.

Major qualities

1 point for 1 quality

Resistance: offers extra protection against a specific damage type, reducing moderate wounds of that type by to lesser and removing half of already present lessers rounded down (3 lessers becoming 1 lesser)

Combat: costume has studded or sharp bits to aid in combat, changes unarmed strikes from lesser bashes to moderate cuts/pierces/bashes (chosen when taking the quality) and allows the wearer to deal a lesser of the chosen type to anyone in a grapple with them as part of other grappling actions.

Coverage: costume totally covers skin, offers protection against burn and freeze wounds and some powers. Effect on wounds listed in the wound effects themselves. Does not function as burn or freeze resistance.

Covert: costume is focused on stealth grants a +2 to stealth rolls while in costume

Flowing: the costume obscures the wearers form, making dodging easier. Natural attack rolls of 1-6 automatically miss regardless of defense roll, stacks with the Artful Dodge evade spec to become rolls of 1-9. Does not work against area of effect attacks.

Movement: costume allows for an additional type of movement, either gain a natural climb or swim speed equal to half your base movement or a flight speed equal to ½ your base movement that functions as gliding, your altitude decreases by 5 ft per round until you reach the ground.

Goggles: provides eye protection, giving you a reroll on normal blind checks and an immunity to blinds caused by generic smoke.

Filter Mask: provides protection against airborne inhalants, gives an immunity to tear gas and other generic aerosol poisons.

Helm: gives a one time save against a ‘headshot’ effect but the quality is destroyed afterwards, gives a reroll against confusion

Minor qualities

(two per point spent)

Brace: costume provides extra limb support, gives a reroll against disabled limb effects

Dangerous: costume is threatening, +2 to intimidate rolls

Mail: confers a reroll against bleed effects or a DC14 guts check to ignore mundane bleed effects that offered no save originally.

Reinforce: if other qualities would be destroyed by an effect the reinforce quality is destroyed first

Padding: cuts fall damage in half rounding down, fall damage still pierces armor

Privacy: covers face and hides intentions, gives enemy insight rolls against you a -2

Slick: harder to grab, enemy grapples take a -1, your escape attempts get a +1

Negative Qualities

(optional, take one for an extra minor quality, or two for an extra major, only 2 negative qualities can be taken)

Binding: renders the wearer incapable of dodging attacks, difficult to remove

Brittle: renders the wearer incapable of blocking attacks, slow to don

Bulky: costume is heavy, reducing effective athletics for movement by one, slow to don and remove

Flashy: costume is brightly colored or otherwise overly visible, -2 to stealth rolls while in costume

Fragile: easily damaged by a certain type, choose a physical damage type other than rend or two energy damage types/ 1 energy type and rend and lose a random positive quality whenever taking damage of the type(s).

Blemish: costume is generally ugly and unappealing, take a -4 to all non insight social checks

Strappy: costume is easily held, -2 to your grapple escape attempts

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