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 +====== Big Stealers ======
 +An oddly-named gang of thieves.
 +<div right #id width>
 +^Status | Defunct |
 +^Alignment | Villain |
 +^Leader | [[..cape:​Kaprosuchus]],​ [[..cape:​Agwe]],​ [[..cape:​Dante]] | 
 +====== Mission Statement ======
 +>//​We'​re the Biggest and the Baddest!...well no we're not but we can imagine
 +====== Resources ======
 +Starting out financing themselves with small time crimes, they later funded themselves off of [[..cape:​Satellite]]'​s apartment building and a small time protection racket [[..cape:​Agwe]] set up after being resurrected.
 +{{ big_stealers.png?​128}}
 +====== History ======
 +Historically,​ the BS were one of the smaller factions in Detroit, until an influx of new members allowed them to take a more prominent role in city politics.
 +<div box round> ​
 +== Parahumans Online ==
 +These guys might be whimsical but they pack a serious punch when it comes to a fight. ~//​Halcyon//​
 +{{tag> Villain}}
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