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Faction Actions

New Faction Action doc

Faction actions system originally created by Menonaa

While there is no limit to the number of actions a faction/player can take in a day you can only have a single claim and a single assault active(with it’s timer ticking down) at once for your faction. And constantly spamming these is gonna get everyone grumpy at you, so don’t be a dick.

Set Base - A new faction’s first territory gained is worth 3 territories Bases cannot be assaulted unless the faction has no other territories remaining

Claim - The faction claims a unclaimed piece of territory and sets a certain number of capes to send, any faction who can muster the capes to contest the claim may do so, and the winner of any battles that occur are the ones who gain the territory. If a claim goes unanswered for 12 hours the claimant receives the territory. Claiming between the hours of 12am-6am EST is not allowed

Assault- The faction breaks down another faction’s defenses at a claimed territory,after the two factions fight, if the assaulter wins, that territory is reverted to unclaimed. If an assault goes unresponded for 24 hours, it is counted as a loss for the defender

When resolving a timed out action, the person taking the action must ping all the relevant participants once more as a last call, and the opposing sides have 20 minutes to answer. If the defending party responds to an attack but cannot do so immediately the timeout timer stops and does not start again until the agreed upon time passes.

Decrapitated Faction Actions

Push - The faction claims an already claimed piece of territory. The faction that pushes sets a number of territories at stake, and the losing faction loses that much territory to the winning faction. Factions must send two capes for every piece of territory you wager unless the opponent is an independent, in which case a single cape may be sent. A faction cannot wager it’s base territory.

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