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The Forerunners are the oldest hero faction in the city. They are composed of the old Detroit PRT (including their leader, Haymaker and newer capes who came to the city post-GM.

Status Active
Alignment Hero
Leader Haymaker

Mission Statement

Protect and Serve.


The Forerunners are currently financed by a handful of independently wealthy members.


The Forerunners (or their predecessor organization, the Protectorate) have been involved in almost every notable event in Detroit history.

Forerunners were born from the death of the Protectorate. Former Protectorate leader, Haymaker, has set up this small faction to maintain order in Detroit. Their immediate goals are reclaiming control over the city. They have no formal alliances aside from a peace treaty currently held with the kingdom.

Parahumans Online

Make no mistake, the Forerunners are by far the strongest and biggest faction in the city. ~Kingfisher

These guys are our main opponents. Strong roster. If only they could stop being implicated in civilian murder for more than a week (see Fractal and Courier). ~Starstrike

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