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Hearth's goal is to provide a place for parahumans to learn and discover what they want to do and who they want to be, along with preparing for a future with a growing population of parahumans. It's an offshoot of the Forerunners lead by Lionheart and Network, seeks to offer an alternative hero group and focuses on the training and protection of young parahumans.

Status Disbanded
Alignment Hero
Leader Lionheart

Mission Statement

Apprehend. Be humble in the face of the universe. Do good.


Right now Hearth is woefully underfunded and based out of a dilapidated school building and staffed by the quiet black clothed goons of the former second in command of the Authority. Currently looking for sponsors.


Hearth has yet to make a name for itself. In the months after the Bug Invasion, Hearth was folded into Forerunners after their funds ran out, stemming from a long period of inactivity.


Parahumans Online

“Will you try to find homes for the alone children turned petty villains in the southeast of the city? My brother says he've seen many parahuman children running wild in his neighborhood.”~Concerned Mom

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