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Leeches are a secretive faction that has arrived in Detroit after Gold Morning.

The faction as a whole's main goal is to further it's tinker leadership's craft, while the non-tinker members run various money making schemes and plots. Ambitious and clever capes do well among the Leeches' ranks, a community of support and shared resources advances each individual's abilities and income much more so than they would make as an independent or less tight nit faction. The Leeches have only one unbreakable rule: never betray the faction.

Status Inactive
Alignment Rogue
Leader Journeyman

Mission Statement

“For us there is an inherent superiority in the superhuman experience, and the pursuit of knowledge or further experience trounces all morals or external autonomy.”

Also, get Leech laid somehow, plz send help.


The Leeches' sources of income:

Publicly known:

On site orphanage and foster care

Medical clinic, tinker tech and unpowered options, open to the public

White collar crime including but not limited to welfare and medical fraud

Misdemeanor assault and battery, burglary, and robbery

Human euthanasia w/out consent, typically accidental

Miscellaneous plots/schemes

Public unaware:

Unethical and illegal clinical trials

Organ harvesting and black market dealings

Matchmaking/relationship services

Power modification and tinkerings



Founding members, leadership: Journeyman, Leech

Deceased members: Grove, Fractal

Current members: Kadmon, Whisp, Danmaku, Jackal

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