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 +====== MPIA ======
 +The MPIA were a group of parahuman private investigators that specialize in parahuman clients, and cases related to parahumans. They had a secondary goal of nipping nascent threats to the city in the bud, by spreading the right information to the right people.
 +<div right #id width>
 +^Status | Defunct |
 +^Alignment | Rogue |
 +^Leader | [[..cape:​Morningstar]] | 
 +====== Mission Statement ======
 +>//"​Information'​s power, and I want to wield any I happen to pick up to its fullest potential."​
 +====== Resources ======
 +The MPIA's sole form of income was the money paid by clients, and any money that was contributed to the office by the group'​s members.
 +====== History ======
 +Formed shortly after [[Gold Morning]], with Morningstar recruiting capes primarily from the [[PRT]]. Received a few clients, being approached by the capes [[..cape:​Network]],​ [[..cape:​Prince Brave]], [[..cape:​Desperado]],​ and others. Collapsed after most members rejoined the [[PRT]], leaving Morningstar to work as an independent PI. 
 +<div box round> ​
 +== Parahumans Online ==
 +/* What has the internet got to say about them? */
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