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Detroit/Skitterdice Golossary

Sometimes, veteran player use abbreviations or shorthands that aren't immediatly self-evident to new players, here are some common one. Definitions of game mechanics here are refers to Skitterdice.

AGM: Assistant Game Master

AoO: Attack of Opportunity, can happen when someone stands up or moves away from an enemy without shifting.

ad/AD: Armor damage

ap/AP: Armor piercing

aug/augs: Augment, a weaker but more specialized version of power perks you can roll for when you spend your milestones.

CDG/CDGing: Coup de Grace, killing a character who can't defend themself or has death sentence.

Chubster: Former player/AGM who was banned

conc/conc check: Consciousness check, rolled when you have taken enough wounds that you might pass out in a battle. It's a d10+(number of gut pips) roll agains a DC of (numbers of wounds you suffered) to stay awake.

cov: Coverage costume quality. It negates or reduce some burn/freeze/shock effects from wounds.

DC: Difficulty Class, a static number you have to roll against in some cases, like conc check.

Damage/dmg: Damage is usually written compactly. “3m2l burn 1lpiec dmg” for instance means: “3 moderate and 2 lesser burn damage, and 1 lesser piercing damage.”

dr/DR: Damage reduction. A dr of '1l' would reduce all recied dmg by 1 lesser. 2m becomes 1m1l, 2l becomes 1l.

EO: Efficient Operator, a life perk.

ERP: Eclipse roleplaying. Eclipse is a faction in V&V. May also refer to this. Don't do this.

expy: Exported Character, ported to the game from some other art of fiction.

GA: Guardian Angel, a power perk increasing survival chance.

GM: Golden Morning, a central event in Worm and V&V. May also refer to Game Master, but AGM is used to avoid confusion

IC: In Character, in opposition to OC/OOC.

L/Less: Lesser, as in a lesser wound sustained in a fight or a effect. Damage is usually written compactly. “3m2l burn 1lpiec” for instance means: “3 moderate and 2 lesser burn damage and 1 lesser piercing damage.”

M/Mod: Moderate, as in a moderate wound sustained in a fight or a effect. Damage is usually written compactly. “3m2l burn 1lpiec” for instance means: “3 moderate and 2 lesser burn damage and 1 lesser piercing damage.”

OC/OOC: Out of Charcter, in opposition to IC.

OGIB: refers to the Moderate burn Wound/effect “Oh My God It Burns” in Skitterdice. The affected take one moderate wound each turn until they use an action to put out the fire.

pvp: Player versus Player combat, one of the focuses in V&V.

QG/QGs Questgiver. A person appointed by the GM & AGMs, to run quests for players.

res/ress: Resistance, an costume or natural property that reduces damage of a certain type, like burn, or piercing. SD rules for resistance

SBS: SkitterBabySitter, a bot on the discord channel

SB, SA, SD, SW, SK, SG: Superbrawn, Superathletics, Superdexterity, Superwits, Superknowledge and Superguts respectively. Superpowered version of the base stats that have ranks from 0 to 7. Commonly written together with their rank, e.g. SB3 means Superbawn rank 3.

SD: Skitterdice, the system we use to play on Detroit

strigger: second trigger

swc/swc2: Street with Cars & Street with Cars 2, two common maps used to play out battles on

Zan: Zanorin, creator of Skitterdice

WD: Weaverdice, the game Skitterdice is based on.

WD20: Weaverdice d20, which is based on Skitterdice.

WHAU: 'We Have An Understanding', a power perk. Cape understands their power on a deeper level.

Wombat: Sometimes exclaimed when you want to fight or combat someone. Also an innocent animal.

Still too much flying over your head? Unfamiliar with Worm or common rpg terminology? English not your first language? Here are some other useful glossaries:

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