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Gold Morning

The day that shattered the worlds. There is an Interlude describing the events of GM.

Flint Crisis

The immediate leadup to GM appears to have been an Elite attack on the Flint Containment Zone on August 11, 2010. It is the first recorded incident of hostile Scion.

Scion fights

Many attempts to battle Scion were made, none successful. These occurred across the world, with numerous casualties on the defenders.


While Anarchy reigned in the streets, the city's factions banded together in an attempt to keep order.

The Sepulchre

In Detroit, the Simurgh Wall is breached in one of Scion's strafing run. Cultists seek to abduct capes, in order to find a cape strong enough to breach through an odd time bubble caused by a device called the Sepulchre. This device was built years ago by a tinker by the name of Octavian, who was influenced by the Simurgh himself. The cape Kinetic Cold was kidnapped by the cultists and used to break through the bubble. Due to the nature of his power, he was able to retrieve the Sepulchre.

Defeating Scion

The Sepulchre enabled the gathered capes in Detroit to fight Scion, by tearing his body from his home dimension into Earth Dalet. The capes managed to bring down Scion, although not without casualties involved.

Time bubble

In the moments following Scion's death, the Sepulchre malfunctioned, creating an enormous time bubble around the city of Detroit. Detroit was kept in complete statis for seven years, while the world changed outside of it. The time bubble vanished in the year 2018, bringing the city of Detroit back into relevance.


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