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Milestones are the primary avenue of character advancement in Detroit. They are also present in original WeaverDice. Milestones are goals a character strives towards, and upon completing these goals, they gain the choice of a number of benefits.

Each character can have 3 milestones they are working on. Send your milestones to your GM for approval. It's fine if you don't have any milestones at first - Getting revenge on the first player to knock you out is a great milestone ;)

Detroit has a fairly large focus on character growth, so be sure to eventually have milestones set.

Example Milestones

Milestones need to be approved by your GM, and they have the last say. That said, here are some examples:

  • Win 3 fights
  • Win 3 fights in a row
  • Avenge a friend
  • Beat every member of a faction
  • Establish dominance against someone you dislike, beat them 2 times in a row
  • Murder a rival
  • Gain five territories for your faction


Please note that you can only gain one milestone per fight/session, not two or more at once. These are the benefits a milestone can be redeemed for:

Perks and Gambling

You can gamble to gain perks. You choose a type of perk to roll for (d100), and if you roll a number under the percetage chance of gaining the perk, you succeed.

Starting out, there is a:

  • 16% chance to gain a power perk
  • 48% chance to gain a life perk
  • 32% chance to remove a lif flaw

You can increase this chance by another 16% for each milestone you pick one of the other options. If you gamble for a perk and fail, the chance remains the same. If you fail the gamble, you may choose a “lesser gain” which is stat increase or skill points. When you succeed on gambling for a perk, the chances for succeeding are reset.


You can roll an augment, which is a weaker version of power perk that is specific to your classification. Ask your GM if you are unsure which classification you fall under.

Note that you cannot choose an augment if you have tried to gamble for a perk this milestone.

Stat Increase

You increase one of your stats - Brawn, Athletic, Dex, Wits, Social, Know, or Guts. Can increase one of those stats by one. If you increase a mental stat, you also gain a skillpoint.(This comes from the fact that you get a skill point/pip mental stat at character creation, and you gain the skillpoint retroactivly.)

Skill Points

Gain four skill points.

Second Trigger Chance

Increases your chance to second trigger in appropriate situations by 2%.

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