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 ===== Character Creation===== ===== Character Creation=====
-==== Step 1Power Setup ==== +==== First Step: Generating a power ==== 
-There are few ways to go about powergen in detroitThere’s the normal Weaverdice way of writing or rolling a trigger ​and having your AGM make a power off of that. You can give them some of your hopes/​expectations for the power or just leave it to them, whichever you prefer+ 
-You can also come in with a power concept already in mind, then write a trigger ​for it after the fact, most AGMs will try to accomodate what you want but keep in mind there’s some powers that won’t work well in detroit, it’s best to trust your AGM if they tell you that. +Send trigger (or cauldron vial) to a GM, along with any wishes if you have themThey'​re pretty amenable. The GM is your "​shard"​ - they decide what you can and can't do, and you can always talk to them for clarifications. You can identify ​them by their blue colour in the sidebar
-Finally some AGMs have fully pregenned powers that they either made for players who never ended up using them or they just came up with in their free time, if you don’t have a very strong preference for your power or are at loss for trigger ideas many AGMs would be happy to get use out of power they’ve just been sitting on for a while.+ 
 +They will generate ​a power based on the trigger ​and come back to you with your power. This process might take while, so use the time to get a feeling ​for the RP!
 Most people opt to keep their power specifics and sheet (somewhat) secret. Most people opt to keep their power specifics and sheet (somewhat) secret.
-==== Step 2Picking Your GM ====+==== Second ​Step: Perks and Flaws ====
-For the purposes of chargenning there’s no difference between ​the main GM and AGMs so I’ll just be including them as AGMs collectively. If you have a particular style of play or power you prefer it might be good to let the AGMs know to see if any of them are more amicable to it than others. Otherwise it's mostly up to you to decide which AGM you like the look of.+As a further step in fleshing out your power, when given the go-ahead ​you have a choice: 
 +Either you roll a power perk, a life perk, a power flaw and a life flaw - or you roll one type of perk and one type of flaw (generally power perk & life flaw), as well as a perk and flaw of the same type.
 +Perks generally improve your character, while flaws are negative. You can check [[https://​​spreadsheets/​d/​1aHyZ7c7TIgt903mPinOakrgli2WZu5IRtiGYPCnCqDE/​edit#​gid=317648010|here]] to get a rough idea of them. You can roll your character'​s perks and flaws in the #rolls channel. There'​s a bot that will print them for you if you use the %perk power, %perk life, %flaw power, %flaw life commands.
-==== Step 3: The Agony of Anticipation ====  +Sometimes perks/flaws are hard to apply to a power or don't really apply to DetroitYour GM will let you know to reroll thoseThe Skitterdice ​rulebook also covers banned perks.
-Depending on a few factors, how complicated the power is, how busy the AGM is ect. It could take from under an hour to a few days to get a power gennedUse this time to familiarize yourself with the game, read other people’s RP in the general channels, [[https://​​document/​d/​1M9MXimEZUryNuhd8cyhB0wPvJB6P_YxdzyoCXy9ojII/​edit#​ |skim the rulebook]], talk to people and get acquainted with the community ect. You can also use this time to get a head start on character setup if you’d like. +
-Generally the most important sections to read are the Superstats, Dice system, Skills and Weapons sections. If there’s anything else that’s important for your power your AGM should let you know.+
 +==== Third Step: Creating your character ====
-==== Step 4Character Setup ====+Fill out the [[https://​​document/​d/​1rX5FVhnERU229EDOVtmpIumY0iWMLSqjJ5Xrmkxa4uQ/​edit|character sheet]] (make a copy under File > make copy), You can flesh out your backstory etc., but it's not a high priority.
-Once you have a power made, it’s time to get your character ready for use your AGM should be able to walk your through it but here’s a basic outline. You make a copy of our [[https://​​document/​d/​1rX5FVhnERU229EDOVtmpIumY0iWMLSqjJ5Xrmkxa4uQ/​edit|character sheet]] (make a copy under File > make copy) and fill in the blank spaces. Once you have a power you can decide on stats and skills, you start with 3 in each stat and can move those around to get the stat spread you want, you can’t go below one in a stat. Super stats should be applied before stat point moving and you cannot take points out of stats affected by superstats. You then gain skill points equal to all your mental stat points (Know,Soc,Wits) added together to spend. Your GM should be able to help you figure out what skills are best for your power.+The most important thing is distributing ​your stats & skill points ​and filling ​in your poweras well as perks/flaws.
-==== Step 5: Finishing Touches ==== +Stats will heavily depend on your powerTalk to your GM about what would make sense. 
-Once you have up to step 4 completed you can basically start playing at any time, but there’s a few more things to do before ​your character is totally doneFirstly you need to roll for perks/flawsThere are 2 options, the first being 1 perk and one flaw, these can each be of either category and do not have to be the same category as each other, the second is getting 2 perks and 2 flaws, one of each categoryAfter that, it’s time to spend your starting [[milestones]], you get three of these immediately ​at chargen without having to complete any goals. You can use them to round out your stats/​skills or if you’re satisfied with those try and improve your power by rolling augments or gambling for further perks.+You can find out about what stats do hereBarring any superstats (which ​your GM will explain), you get 3 points in each stat, which you can move around ​at your leisure.
-==== Step 6: Playing ==== +Look at the skill points section on the Skitterdice doc. You should max out one attacking skill and one defense skill (evade for athletics, withstand for brawn/​guts). You get skill points equal to your mental stats (Wits+Social+Knowledge). Each skill is associated with a statand you can't have more points ​in a skill than you have in stat. The fifth pip is a specializationwhich you can only have as many of as you have Knowledge.
-Detroit ​is extremely free formso your first RP can be alot of things, your character’s first outing ​in costume, or them approaching ​faction ​you’ve taken liking to and trying to joinit could be an interaction with an already existing cape if you have backstory connections that you and their player decided on, and a whole manner ​of other things. After that you now exist in detroit, like I said it’s free form so most of your action on the server is going to be self driven, but do keep and eye out for quests and events while you’re here.+
 +When you're done distributing Stats and Skills, use the rolls calculator for guidance on filling out the rolls block on the bottom of the character sheet. These will be what you use in combat!
 +Everyone gets a full-quality [[costume]] that provides 5 armor and two qualities (only one of which can be a resistance). I recommend taking resistance of a wound type (cut, bash, pierce, freezes, and shocks). To defend against burn damage, coverage is probably more helpful than just resistance.
-===== Other General Info =====+You should also fill in what kind of equipment your character takes to fights. 
 +==== Fourth Step: Milestones ​==== 
 +Each newly generated character gets three [[milestones]] off the bat to help them catch up to the older, more established characters. Generally power perks, stat points, then skill points are the most important (in that order). You may also choose to roll for a power augment, which are generally weaker than power perks but do not need to be gambled for. 
 +====Fifth Step: Choose a faction ==== 
 +Most people play in one of the factions. Going Independent is also an option, but not recommended because most of the interesting RP happens in-faction, with fights between factions the primary cause of the drama. 
 +==== Sixth Step: Setting goals ==== 
 +Characters in Detroit get stronger by achieving [[milestones]]. This could be winning 3 fights in a row, defeating every cape in a faction, successfully robbing a bank, etc. You can be very creative here! Each character can have 3 milestones they are working on. Send your milestones to your GM for approval. It's fine if you don't have any milestones at first - Getting revenge on the first player to knock you out is a great milestone ;) 
 +Detroit has a fairly large focus on character growth, so be sure to eventually have milestones set.  
 +==== Seventh Step: Playing ==== 
 +To start playing, just write up something in one of the RP channels. It could be your character coming to the PRT base to officially join, or your cape approaching the villains for a place in their gang, or just taking your first stroll out in costume. 
 +The GM and AGMs occasionally run “events”,​ where the factions of Detroit must unite against a common enemy. These can be S-Class threats like the Endbringers and the Slaughterhouse Nine, as well as lower level threats, such as new gangs encroaching upon the city or A-Class villain teams assaulting the city. Events frequently have a milestone as a reward, or sometimes a “half-milestone” which is self explanatory. Events that award milestones have a much higher chance of death than a usual fight between factions. 
 +===== See also =====
   * [[:​skitterdice|Skitterdice]]   * [[:​skitterdice|Skitterdice]]
-  ​* [[costume |Costume Rules]] (the costume rules linked in the rulebook are outdated, use these instead) +  * [[detroit:​glossary|Common ​abbrevation & terminology]] 
-  ​* [[detroit:​glossary|Glossary of Common ​terms]] +  * [[https://​​document/​d/​1LGH5liKjcqzNTsIOdon-RjL2uYDYvx41pSw8Ydx9Xrk/​edit ​Settings Breakdown of Detroit]]
-  * [[:discord_bots|Discord Bots]]+
   * [[detroit:​traveller_guide| Traveller'​s Guide]]   * [[detroit:​traveller_guide| Traveller'​s Guide]]
   * [[:​detroit|List of Capes]]   * [[:​detroit|List of Capes]]
   * [[:​detroit:​timeline | Detroit History]]   * [[:​detroit:​timeline | Detroit History]]
-  * [[https://​​document/​d/​1LGH5liKjcqzNTsIOdon-RjL2uYDYvx41pSw8Ydx9Xrk/​edit | Settings Breakdown of Detroit]] 
-  * [[https://​​document/​d/​1lLAOt3g4yll-m6Glm-T_hijeUrUVcEdZqOE4RgrTg9w/​edit | Welcome to Detroit]](Google Docs version of this same guide) 
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