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 +===== Woodward Health Clinic =====
 +{{ :​ic:​faction:​eclipse_base.png?​nolink&​300|}}
 +A free health clinic funded by Penumbra LLC and ran by Dr. Christopher Palmer.
 +Is known to currently treat one of the humans who was turned into a insectoid during the [[detroit:​timeline#​bug_invasionfog_incident|Bug Invasion]], and the person have made good headway to recovery.
 +<div box round> ​
 +== Clinic Press Conference 2019-01-19 ==
 +A patient suffering from the severe transformation caused by the [[detroit:​timeline#​bug_invasionfog_incident|Fog]],​ have made partial recovery toward normal human. With an Emergency Fund from [[detroit:​faction:​eclipse|Eclipse]],​ the doctors could treat The Patient(PJ for short) until improvements ​ had manifested. Most parts of the insectiod parts had been growing around the PJ, which resulted in the almost miraculous recover in the head and upper body. Due to the legs being severly atrophified it's unsure if PJ can make a complete recovery. PJ is in good health considering the past and wish to stay anonymous for the sake of PJ's family.
 +[Short mentioning of the few rescued humans from the [[detroit:​npcs:​insect_queen|Insect Queen]]'​s lair, partially sprinkled with quotations from the cape [[detroit:​cape:​everyone|Everyone]] who was interviewed]
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