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A Traveler's Guide to the Central Cluster

Here is a Settings Breakdown of Detroit by Koffman OOC&IC info

The Central Cluster is an interdimensional megacity with Detroit and the ichor at the center. Ichor, as the bits and chunks of Scion’s fallen body were dubbed, is an extremely energy-dense substance, worth it’s weight in gold many, many times over. Ichor reactors provided a way to maintain necessities such as the internet and electricity through the end of the world and mass destruction of infrastructure that followed. People from other earths began making portals to the area where they were being harvested and processed, and settlements began to spring up and grow at incredible speeds with the millions, even billions of refugees from other worlds that poured towards it. Currently, the Detroit megacity covers an area nearly the size of half of Michigan, spread primarily across Earth's Dalet, Kaf, Tet, Ayin, and Nun.


Setting of Detroit, an economic honeypot due to its large amounts of ichor, but the dissaperate factions vying for control make direct diplomatic interaction by other worlds difficult


Earth Ayin is the most affluent, industrial section of the city, being the first to open portals to Dalet and perfect the ichor reactor technology. The internet has been re-established, telecommunications are fairly widespread, and aside from the economic troubles things have mostly returned to a semblance of 'normal'. However, Earth Ayin also suffers the most from drugs, overcrowding, organized crime, and a thriving villain scene.


Earth Kaf is the the city without villains, as long as you can stand the ‘heroes’. Privately owned militaristic organizations police these streets brutally, and they are legally empowered in most districts to serve as judge and jury, and more often than not, executioner. Utilities, on the plus side, are in easy access.


Earth Nun is the least rebuilt area of the Central Cluster, and resides under the control of a the villain warlord Patriarch, and his organization. The governors are puppets, the people pay what little they can make in protection money. Thieves and raiders from earth N plague the other parts of the Cluster, taking what processed goods and power they can and returning to their tenements and slums. The areas around the portals look especially well developed, even unusually so, but three in four of the massive houses or businesses you see is simply the house of a villain, living off of their profits in luxury, or else an unpowered accomplice. Other areas of Earth N are lucky to have running water, let alone power, and the efforts of the Earth A megacorporations to sell electricity here have been so far stymied by the alpha villain. Attempts by heroes to get a toehold are shut down quickly and brutally.


Earth Tet is the source of much of the Central Cluster’s food. It covers almost as much area as the other earth’s combined, but much of it is large fields, or else multilayered agricultural facilities that mass-produce produce and meat. The housing tends more to the rural side as well. Heroes and villains have a fairly even balance of power here, the villains content to sit back and collect their drug or protection money, while the heroes work to root them out, even as more pop up in their wake. Running water and power is plentiful, but cell connection is slow, where it exists at all.

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