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The Basics - Bots

There are 3 important bots on Detroit, Sidekick, SkitterBabySitter and Kingfisher.


Sidekick is our Dicebot, he is a vain and vengeful god so do not speak ill of him where he can see, people who refer to the Dicelord as Sidecuck and similar insults roll 5% less natural 20s

You can call sidekick by using /r and a list of commands can be found here. The most common command you will see is /r 3d20k1+6 or similar, this is considered the ‘baseline’ roll for a human that is experienced in the use of a skill, when people refer to roll modifiers they usually mean a modifier to the baseline +6, a power granting you a +1/-1 to evade rolls would mean a fully skilled evade user would roll 3d20k1+7/+5.

SkitterBabySitter (SBS)

Commonly shortened to SkitterSitter or SBS, they are our general Skitterdice bot, they provide wound effects, perks/flaws,triggers,vials ect. You call for Sitter with the % symbol. Some useful commands for Sitter are:

%help help (not a typo the command is 2 helps) gives a general overview of commands

%[wound type] [wound severity] rolls a random wound from the called list, for example %cut moderate rolls a single wound effect from the moderate cut effect list

%effect [name] gives the mechanics for the named effect, examples include; confused, staggered and Knocked down/up

%[perk/flaw] [power/life] rolls a random perk or flaw from the given list

%perk [classification] rolls a random augment from the table for that classification if available. For example %perk blaster rolls you a blaster augment.

%vial [name] shows the text for the called vial, or a random number of vials if a number is input

%trigger rolls a random trigger event

Kingfisher (KF)

Kingfisher abbreviated as KF, is our faction actions and territory management bot, it keeps an up to date version of the detroit map at all times, but also has several other useful features, it is called with the > symbol. It should be mentioned that while KF can roll multiple wound effects at once and with slightly simpler syntax the effects of wounds are slightly different from the official skitterdice wound effects as KF is used on Grand Haven which uses WeaverDice20(alternate version of Skitterdice), so if you’re using it for wounds make sure you double check that the effects are correct.

Useful KF commands

>help List all available commands

>claim shows the current faction map

>claim [faction] [territory #] claims that territory for the faction, turning it to their color, neutral turns it white

>tag create [input] creates a named tag that reposts the input whenever it is called

>tag [name] reposts the input for the called tag

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