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Aurora is a relatively new heroine in Grand Haven. So far her heroic acts consist of getting snacks to overworked doctors and helping old ladies across the road.

Status Active
Classification Blaster
Faction Independent
Age Unknown
Origin Grand Haven


Aurora's powers mainly manifest as Blaster abilities. She can fire beams of various elements (usually light/fire) at her opponents. She also forms an aura of light around various parts of her body, that seem to grant her additional abilities and buffs.

Costume Description

She wears a skintight white bodysuit with a gold belt and sleeve cuffs. Her sleeves and skirt and made from an iridescent material that resembles the colours of the Aurora Borealis. She wears a simple green mask that covers her eyes.







A couple of months after becoming active, Aurora joined Respite. Her only act of note during this time was her part in the Respite Fundraiser.

Aurora was then promptly recruited by Dozorni. She was present at Dozorni's fight against Kami just before Kami disbanded.

She became independent again when Dozorni dissolved.

She aided in the arrest of Chamuel.

A few months later she was a victim of one of Truthseeker's “sessions”, in which she was vivisected by Phalanx cape, Reverb. After this, she was not seen in public for some time.

Parahumans Online

I saw her fly into a car once while arguing with some old dude in a walking steam engine. Funniest shit I've ever seen lmao ~Anonymous user

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