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A rouge cape that just wants to help. Morally grey and willing to get dirty for the greater good, Avail works as a mercenary on small jobs throughout the city.

Status Active
Classification Tinker
Faction Independent
Age 29
Origin Elsewhere


Avail specializes in equipment. Tailor made to the task at hand, Avail provides skilled assistance when and where you need it!

Known to provide free para-healing and tech consultation on request.

Costume Description

Avail wears a hi-tech skin-suit which has been adorned with a seemingly random assortment of homemade armour plating, tactical gear, and weaponry. The chest plate has his name boldly spray painted across it.

No consideration is given to fashion or style, as function is paramount. Every piece serves a purpose, and is easily exchanged as circumstances require. This cacophanous array of gear seems to vary wildy mission to mission. One such array is depicted below:



Avail is cordial with all.


None… to date.


Premature debut when Behemoth attacked, managed to not only survive, but save a few capes along the way.

Proud member of the Grey Market till dissolution.

Continues to offer services to this day.

Parahumans Online
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