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A new petty criminal on Grand Haven's streets, Bifrost has used their powers to harass local hero teams, and commit petty thefts and robberies.

Status Active
Classification Striker
Faction Independant Villain
Age 19
Origin Grand Haven


Bifrost attacks with two large fists, made of an icy glass-like substance, which shatters on contact, releasing a thick stranger fog, with a variety of effects.

Costume Description

Relatively fit, with an athletic looking outfit and stark white hair, Bifrost seems to prefer function over form when it comes to their outfit choices.



None so far. Bifrost seems to be standoffish and rude, making them difficult to work with.


Dozorni. Zir.


Has been seen frequently attacking Dozorni territory, leaving their capes tied up and bound to various objects when they win.

Parahumans Online
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