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“Fuck capes.” - Billy.

An ex-mook who survived the worst Grand Haven can throw at him, Cardinal (formely Bishop) has seen most of his friends and teammates killed in no less than three seperate cape massacres. Killed 17 capes.

Status Dead
Classification Man with Gun, Normie 12, Verified Badass
Faction Phalanx
Alias Billy “Bishop” Hopkins, Cardinal,
Henchman, Myrmidon
Age 31
Origin Grand Haven



Costume Description

In civs, a black haired man with chiseled, scarred features and a grim expression. He has a fondness for leather jackets, motorbikes and an seemingly endless supply of cigarettes and tooth picks.

A heavy set man with multiple scars and heavy, augmented armour. A large white cross is emblazoned on his helmet and chest, and a billowing black cape flows out behind him. His fist appears to have a piston attachment, and his boots have engine like vents. Several grenades and a shotgun hang from straps on his outfit.




Prodigal. Idealogue. Athena. Seeker. Keeper. Keres. Lily.


Capes who get away with murder. All capes. Alcazar. The Unconcious. Templar. Tiresias. Convocation.


The Unconcious, Scarab, Nightmare/Dreamer, Supremacy, 4 Supremacy Mooks, 1 Magistrate mook, Erosion, Dementia, Slope, Scripture, Phobos, Epsilon, Turismo Blitz, Seraph, 8 vermin lord minions. Striggered Tarantula + Parola + Warden. Assist kill on Ragdoll, Siphon, Heat Zone, Rouston. Arranged the deaths of Elemental + Foreigner + Rouston. Had Verminlord and Charmer/Foreginer kill ordered.


“You see this scar? I got that in my third month of mook work, trapped by a pierce of rebar when Alcazar blew up Elite HQ. I got given a cushy, “safe” job after that. Nightclub bouncer. Yes that nightclub. The one Templar nuked. Thats what this burn is. You remember that Quartet deal? Who do you think had to run messages for Debutante? When she got her head stoved in by The Unconcious, guess who led the squad of mercs who killed the bastard? And ended up the only survivor?

Thats right. Me. Billy fucking Hopkins. The Unconcious was the first cape I killed. First of many. Took him out point blank with a shotgun, whilst his claw was wrapped round my neck. It was then I realised: capes could be killed. Not all of em, sure. Not Alexandria or whoevers inside those Endbringer things. But enough. Enough to make em scared.

Since then, I took a trip to Russia. Beautiful country. They know how to deal with capes. They work for the government, or they die. Now Im back in Grand Haven with Phalanx, and we've got it all sorted out. Off-the-books of course. I've worked as a henchman for a half-dozen capes, and I'm dammed good at it. So we -Athena and I - we created this “Henchman” persona. No one notices you in the cape scene if you dont have a power. One guy in a mask with a rifle is the same as another, especially if its a different gimmick theme mask. Its as good as being a stranger. So I work for the villains, I do their dirty work. And I take note of their crimes. And then when they go to far, and their back is turned, I step up and I shoot them in the the head. Or I trick them into taking each other out. Got Foreigner that way, once I found what he was doing with the homeless he was snatching. Pushed Scarab off the top of a lighthouse, after she hired me to bring her people to eat. Telefragged Elemental through a floor with her own power. Honestly, that one was just because I could. There have been more: Dreamer, Supremacy, Rouston etc etc.

The bodies are piling up, and the capes are starting to suspect. But its too late. Athena and I have built Phalanx into a force that fights for the people, not for the caped few. And one day, we'll strip the rot of the capes out from our government, one blacksite at a time. If you're listening to this record, it means I'm probably dead, and if you stole this from Phalanx it means you're probably a cape. So this ones for you: go fuck yourself. Your not special. Your not above the law. Everytime you hurt a civilian, every time you rebrand as a hero to dodge jail time, someone takes note. One day, that someone is going to hold you accountable for your crimes. You best hope its not me.

Survived the destruction of Elite HQ. Survived the destruction of the Nightclub. Killed the Unconscious after the Unconscious murdered debutante, strucker, jack and whiplash.

Blew up Inks in the Divison blue base, and effectively ended Divison Blue by consigning Inks to hospital (in revenge for Inks faking the unconcious’ death). Accidentally caused Wyldlife to be founded.

Vandalized the child-killing doctor Tiresias's house. Defeated several capes in the Smithy.

Shot Ferox and saved Prodigals life after the Ferox x Prodigal confrontation. Worked for the supervillain Ideaologue for several months.

Left Grand Haven and did a tour of the conflict zones of eastern europe. Returned in the aftermath of the Red Rampage.

Joined Phalanx after a short stint as a mercenary Adopted the henchman persona to gather intel on villains, killing several.

Carried out a series of murders targeting villains in grand haven. Triggered after he was mortally injured during magistrates assault on the tower.

Beat a hero unconcious using the corpse of her villain friend. Unmasked, maimed and tortured capes until they united to stop him. Killed during the Nightclub confrontation.

Parahumans Online

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