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A case 53 that recently appeared in the city, though less noticeably mutated than some cases Cadaverant's gruesome power more than makes up for this.

Status Active
Classification Striker
Faction Independent
Age Unknown
Origin Grand Haven


A biokinetic striker with the ability to rend the flesh and bones from people's body on touch, which can then be used either to form around their body into makeshift armor, healing their wounds and strengthening their body, or be formed into a number of gruesome looking minions.

Costume Description

A tall, pale figure of initially unclear gender, with glowing red eyes and a left arm of pure crimson, clawed and the fingernails. Cadaverant is gaunt, and carries a sent of rot and decay with them wherever they go. A stylized “C” is visible on their left shoulder when nothing covers it.





Anti-c53 activists.


Since their arrival in Grand Haven Cadaverant hasn't done much outside of sporadic typical cape activities, stopping minor crimes, visiting grocery stores and being yelled at. Suspected to be a hero, despite their unsavory power.

Parahumans Online
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