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The paper angel

Status Active
Classification Changer
Faction Respite
Alias Alek Fedorov, Cham
Age 20
Origin St.Petersberg, Russia


Chamuel is completely made of paper. He is able to pull himself apart to avoid attacks as well as making his wings fold into deadly paper airplanes.

Costume Description

He is a 6“2 angel wearing white armor. In the center of his chest plate, there is a golden scale. His wings are various shades of pink that represent Archangel Chmauel. His mask is a simple blindfold with golden trim.



Aurora, Oberon, Dwayne, Mad Hatter,


Vapor, Elysium,


Chamuel is notorious for having a bad temper. He has beaten up 'sinners' and made them pray for forgiveness from God. Once it got so bad the cape Nova tried to stop him but he ended up almost killing her.

Parahumans Online

“Worst cape in Grand Haven” -Storyteller

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