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Status Retired
Classification Master
Alias Bug Boy
Age N/A
Origin Grand Haven


Case 53 Master who summons massive insects to fight for them. Entire body is a living hive, can spawn varying species of monstrous bugs with one hand while spewing out commanding pheromones with the other. The case is unable to attack by themself unless given time to gain natural weapons. Minions are hostile to anyone but the master. Minions are especially hostile to one another and can eat each other to grow in size, power, and ability. Minions do not die when the master is knocked unconscious, rather entering a harmless and mindless state until they are killed.

Costume Description

Gone through varying looks, Chitter currently wears a dark green exoskeletal-looking costume that covers his torso. A black cloak hides most of his appearance, a hood covering his gray antennae.




Chitter took the offer of being Mononoke’s home helper, cooking her meals while assisting with varying exercises and tasks. Eventually they became close friends, with the massive woman bringing the valued “anime” to Chitter’s mind.


The first person Chitter ran into when he woke up in an alley. The young girl offered the case a group to join, dubbed Phalanx. He joined to do good and ended up becoming good friends with her, to the point of being helped with his education by her.


Chitter’s first pen-pal. The religious woman gave him a temporary place to stay and an open ear to listen. She helped him with his writing and speaking.


The first “male” friend Chitter had. At first it was the case obsessed over the cape’s power, but soon the man warmed up to the humanoid arthropod.


Chitter and Adonis became best of friends thanks to their shared interest: insects. Adonis’ power of creating large insect-like creatures attracted the case very quickly.


The hero who helped Chitter during his villainous times. She may or may not have tricked the case into donating to a hospital, but Chitter very much thinks of her as a friend.



The mere thought of scooters is enough to make Chitter grumble. Weeks of trying to do cool kick tricks that failed horribly made him resort to using bikes instead.


-Created the Grand Haven Insect Zoo, a building dedicated to showing off varying exotic species of insects while giving information about them.

-Commonly took cape hair to add to his human collection.

-Kidnapped two kids to add to his human collection before being arrested by Mononoke and the police.

-Currently works with a Wards team in Wisconsin.

Parahumans Online
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