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“I will put you back together.”

Status Active
Classification Blaster
Faction Unaligned
Alias None
Age Unknown, assumed Teen.
Origin Unknown


Chorus makes up one half of A C70, The other of which has yet to be identified.

Chorus's powers appear to revolve around speech, capable of warping reality on an as of yet undetermined scale within a short range of themselves. Upper and lower limits have not been discovered.

territory occupied by chorus seems to exhibit anomalous properties, including rapid growth of exotic plant life and a strange visual effect that makes objects within appear clean.

It is unknown if Chorus is aware of this effect.

Costume Description

An odd creature, The many tongues and lips that compose chorus's hair whip violently in the direction of opponents, tasting the air like a snake. at the other side of their head lies an open mouth, surrounded by jagged teeth. It babbles incoherently, but occasionally speaks something of great import.

The pupil-less eyes of chorus stare into space blindly, often giving the impression that they see something you don't.



Frequently worked with Dreamline until cutting ties for unknown reasons.


Chorus has shown a disdain for the Organisation known as Respite, the reasons for which are not known.


Chorus took control of a territory in central grand haven, Demonstrating localized reality warping abilities.

Vanished mysteriously with a group of civilians.

Parahumans Online

Hey Chorus, cool Dystopia trope you got. I too am a fan of 1984. ~Storyteller

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