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Churchgrim, also publicly known as Heidi Egeland, is a grim, macabre woman hailing from a region in Norway. She's a known gravedigger, favoring the company of the dead rather than the living, and has a tendency of wearing the clothes and jewelry of the deceased. This, paired with the fact of her being a rogue, has made her unfavorable in the eyes of the public.

Status Active
Classification Master
Faction N/A
Alias Heidi Oda Egeland
Age 24
Origin Røros, Norway


Churchgrim has the power to spread a strange, alien moss-like mold across surfaces she touches. From this mold, her power construct dubbed Set (Set Me Free) can surface and interact with the world.

Costume Description

Churchgrim wears a dirty, old-fashioned overcoat that once belonged to the dead, worn over a long dirty dress. She's often seen wearing a wide-brimmed hat and a canine skull fashioned into a mask, however she uses it more as a “symbol” than to actually hide her identity.



Sangria: Closest friend and current love interest.

Torrent: A close friend.

Sol Invictus: A friend.

The Deep: Haven't interacted much after meeting.


Marie (Deceased)


After triggering in 2012, Churchgrim left Norway, and traveled across northern Europe and North America for much of her formative years before arriving at Grand Haven, USA.

After arriving in Grand Haven, she was a barely noticeable presence. She joined Dungeon, then was kidnapped by the villain MarieAnnette for several months. Eventually she escaped, murdering Marie in the process.

Parahumans Online

you think i wouldnt be taking credit if i got some of that moldy ass? idiot. ~PR1M3_D1R3CT1V3

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