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An avid storyteller who channels the power of Myths to her aid.

Status Active
Classification Trump 2×4
Faction Independent
Alias Elise Castor, Elys
Age 22
Origin St. Louis


Elysium tells stories to others, through voice, imagery, and caricature. Through a variety of methods, Elysium can grant beneficial status effects to other capes. However, She seems to have little control over who benefits.

Costume Description

Elysium usually wears a long maroon dress. She's often seen carrying around a large flaming sword or a magical green pot. On occasion, she is seen with spectral blue wings, flying over Grand Haven.

For some reason, she carries around a salt shaker.



Facade: Significant Other

Pockets: Friend, Inactive

Chirugeon: Friend

Torrent: Maybe okay?

Sudenica: Strangely okay with one another.

Artemis: Huh.


Oni Girl: Kami

Sol Invictus: I have no clue anymore.

Empress: Kill on sight

Vesuvius: Mutual Hatred

Stalker: Often seen yelling at each other.

Chamuel: Will attack on sight.


Prior to arriving in Grand Haven, Elysium patrolled St. Louis as an independent low-tier rogue. After arriving in Grand Haven, Elysium quickly joined the ranks of Kami, after a meeting with Cassiel.

Elysium participated in the Behemoth attack on Kandy, Sri Lanka. She survived without lasting wounds.

Some time later, she left suddenly, seemingly without reason. Kami posted a $50000 bounty for her to be brought in alive, or $20000 if dead. A few weeks later, the bounty was dropped after Pockets removed the tongue of Oni Girl in retribution.

After a brief run with the Torchbearers, Elysium left the faction after the death of Mike Johnson. Suspicions of misconduct is cited as her reason for leaving.

Parahumans Online

“No sane person can have this heavy of an addiction from tea.” -Randomguy567

“If anyone can help me kill her, it'd be appreciated.” -Idyll

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