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Status Deceased
Alignment Hero
Classification /Blaster
Faction Mavericks
Alias Akio Kobayashi
Age 16
Origin Seattle


Heat manipulator, capable of drawing heat from the air and nearby fires and fashioning them into thermal force fields with considerable utility. Commonly fought with spears of thermal energy and large walls that sectioned off the battlefield.

Costume Description

A japanese teenager arrives at the scene, his features obscured beneath a mask of glowing hard light. He strikes a heroic pose, as if to say: I am here.

Costume made of basic kevlar and combat gear, standard issue hero wear repainted red and gold.




Ranger. Simmy.




Memeber of Kami, the only unpowered child of their core leadership. Stole $2 million dollars and bought a Cauldron vial, then fled the family.

Reinvented himself in Grand Haven as a Hero, joining the Mavericks and working to oppose Kami.

His civilian identitiy was outed by Simmy, and he was hunted down by Kami.

Imprisoned by Kami, he offered to fight a duel against his father, Izanagi. He was defeated in a single blow. Killed whilst unconcious by his brother.

Parahumans Online
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