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Status Retired
Classification Trump
Faction Uplift
Alias Forge a little to the left
Age Early twenties
Origin /


Controls an aura of shiny golden weapons. She's decked out in golden armor with golden wings. Real original color scheme. Very strong. She makes magic items.

Costume Description

Forge is a tall blonde woman. She has slightly wavy blonde hair cascading down from a black face mask. Her costume is navy with crimson armor panels and a shining golden breastplate, which pulses in time to her gauntleted fists. A similarly colored kite shield gleams from a strap on her back. Golden weapons lazily float weightlessly and spin around her, occasionally sparking off the ground or clashing in the air as they orbit her body. Despite her hands being covered in gauntlets, a glowing ring can be made out on one of her fingers. Large golden wings made out of little shards of light protrude from her back, glimmering softly at all times.





Owner and proprietor of the Smithy, fought the Nightingales at the Nightclub where it was nuked, thought to have perished but second triggered.

Parahumans Online
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