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Maybe I'm not a good villain after all.

Status Dead
Classification Shaker/Striker
Faction Avalon
Alias Akari Kurohi
Age 19
Origin Japan (Tokyo)


A cryokinetic Shaker who could create increasingly large pulses of arctic cold, freezing the ground. She could also generate ice from her fingers, creating weapons, constructs, and even extra limbs.

Costume Description

Frostwarden wore a dark blue bodysuit with a hood and light blue trim, with cloak flowing out behind her. Plates of kevlar armour were attached to her bodysuit over vital areas, stylised at the edges with curlicues of ice. Her hair was tied up in a bun under her hood.

She wore a silver-and-blue mask with more stylisation. Pale grey combat gloves and boots round out her costume, coupled with an empty sheath at her side. There were two small snowflake-inscribed shields on her shoulder pauldrons. Outside of combat, her power took the form of two sleek arms extending from her back.



Gravitas (Girlfriend) , Good Knight, Child of Light, Wintermute, Myriad, Rosie, Ruff Knight




Came to Grand Haven in the midst of the Nightingale crisis. Joined Dominion during this time. Promoted to Dominion Director of Information after displaying her skills during the crisis.

After being arrested for murder, she was involved in the joint-heroes on Deep Court raid. Joined Avalon and renamed to Frostwarden afterward.

Nearly died that one time, fighting Diablos of the Marked - a Fallen splinter. She was fine, though. Really, guys.

During a fight with Adam, she fell unconscious from severe wounds after defeating the Tinker. Sir Rebral killed her on the way back to Avalon's base to martyr her and rally Avalon to action.

She used to work as a bartender in Aethernet part-time and lived with her girlfriend, their two cats, and one Tinkertech dog.

Frostpunk: “By that logic and your estimation of me, I'm a hero.”
Wintermute: “I guess you could say that.”
Frostpunk: “Well, fuck. Didn't mean to be one this time.”

Parahumans Online

she was a good person, so yeah. She's in as close to heaven as anyone can get ~Speedrunshark

I have been described as an edgy loner wannabe. I don't know why that is. ~Frostpunk
that's because your costume is as grimdark as ice can be. ~Myriad

0/10 worst villain, pretty good hero though, would recommend. ~Haze

She's adorable! ~Icequeen

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