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A young woman who doesn't trust many of the local factions. Her power has made her arrogant, many would say justifiably so. Enjoys long drinks at the bar and destroying those who stand in her way.

Status Retired
Classification Breaker
Faction Mean Girls (Royals)
Alias Valentina Marshall
Age 19
Origin Chicago, Illinois


She can transform into a hulking 8 foot tall golem made of shattered glass. This form is extremely durable and powerful but doesn't last very long. Many a fight is ended with her powerful incineration beam and is often seen creating walls of black glass to shield herself. She is rumored to have an assortment of minor powers while not transformed.


Costume Description

Glimmers human form is that of a 5' 2“ woman in a white bodysuit with armor of polished steel and glass. her gloves and boots emit a strange purple lightning that seems to attract glass and keep it in orbit around her.

Glimmers war form is an 8 foot tall golem made of shattered shards of glass held together with a strange purple energy arcing lightning. A swirling band of finely ground glass surrounds glimmer, its movements reflexively supporting her own.



An Undefined Watson.


Lots of booze.





Magnum Opus

Prince Pestilence

Ember Storm



Worked as a surveillance operator for the nightclub.

Active member of Mean Girls. Seen defending their turf and humiliating those who try.

The designated pilot of Mean Girls

Betrayed Prince Pestilence ensuring his capture

Powernulled by metatron who was killed by their own tech at the same time.

Parahumans Online
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