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Often critiqued as Uplift's most foolhardy leader, Haunt survived what many others did not. The leader of Uplift during its demise, Haunt has since retired to a life of therapeutic applications for his power.

Status Retired
Classification Master
Faction Uplift
Alias Edmund Walker
Age 21
Origin Nebraska


Haunt's powers are unclear according sources. According to himself and other eyewitnesses, Haunt is capable of conjuring Specters from individuals. While these Specters are difficult to be seen by camera, Specters are visible with the human eye under normal circumstances.

The Specters were never clearly defined, and varied from witness to witness. Some reported seeing a court jester, wielding a two-handed hammer, some reported seeing a muscular figure with an eagle's head, others reported seeing a rat. All forms of Specters appeared to be made of some physical form of darkness, capable of manipulating the world around them.

Costume Description


Haunt’s below-average physique is costumed in almost entirely black. A black leather trench coat and black canvas pants cover most of his body save the brown combat boots and a hard leather glove. The only noteworthy part of the costume is his mask: a gilded gas mask covers the face, adding a bit of color to the otherwise bland color palate

The left sleeve of Haunt's jacket is shortened and sewn shut. His left arm does stops a small ways past the shoulder. According to sources, it was ripped off by the villain known as Minos.




The leader of The Royals and Haunt seemed to have a complicated relationship. Uplift and Royals worked together on numerous occasions for the good of Grand Haven, and often Haunt and Queen were liaisons between the hero and villain factions. However relationships seemed to have spoiled towards the end of Haunt's career, sources stating they had a falling out and blows were exchanged


Retired now, it appears that Haunt found love in his work with Uplift. The first to find him after his failed attempt to stop Prince Pestilence's poisoning of Grand Haven's water supply, the two were seen sharing a long embrace before escorting him to Uplift medical attention. While both have since retired, rumors have it they're still together.


Haunt maintained good relations with the members of Avalon, having been seen numerous times talking with both Occam and Rosie, leaders of Avalon. While work with Occam remained professional, Haunt was seen frequently walking with Rosie before her retirement. When asked about her, he cited her as 'a good friend, if a little complicated'.


While nothing concrete is known, Haunt appears to have a personal relationship with Mithril, a Ward currently working in Nebraska whose made a visit to Grand Haven to investigate the disappearance of Envoy. Mithril was the cape to find Haunt after his near-death experience with Minos, and refused to comment on his relationship to Haunt when pressed.


A member of Avalon regularly seen with Haunt. While nothing was ever discerned between the two of them, they fought together in Epicenter's tournament.



While the history between Haunt and Minos was unclear, its aftermath is apparent. Minos was arrested and jailed for his dismemberment of Haunt, leaving Haunt without a left arm. After a short stay in the hospital Haunt returned to Uplift's active duty. When asked about Minos later Haunt had this to say:

Minos was a villain, short and simple. The guy accused me of killing somebody I only had the best of hopes for, a man who was sick in the head and killed himself. Do I regret his imprisonment? No, the b-bastard ripped my arm off. Do I wish I had done more? Yes.


Prince Pestilence and Requiem

Haunt was reported as fighting alongside the cape Templar in Grand Haven's water purification plant in an attempt to stop Prince Pestilence from poisoning the city's water. That day Templar's life was lost and Haunt was reportedly admitted to Uplift's medical staff for life-threatening injuries, having been saved by the teammate Flicker. Haunt cites this incident as when his Specters acquired voices, being able to voice their desires.

Leader of Uplift

After Renaissance's disappearance, Haunt was brought on alongside Archangel to lead Uplift into its 3rd generation of service. During this service Uplift faced off against both The Warmongers, and The Union. While Forge and many others lost their lives at the hands of The Union, Haunt focused instead on coordinating help for the survivors in the aftermath of The Red Rampage.

Parahumans Online

He really does think with his dick, doesn't he? -SpectralSpectator78

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