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Hurricane Holly

Hurricane Holly is a powerful weather cape, and the founder of Safe Haven. She's well known for her uncontrollable storm creation abilities.

Status Inactive
Classification Thinker/Shaker
Faction Safe Haven
Alias Holly Macklemore
Age 21
Origin New York City


Hurricane Holly is known to have 2 major powers: A thinker power that allows her to read wind patterns, known as Windsense. She also has a shaker power that lets her create incredibly powerful storms. Her storm creation is very unstable.

Costume Description

Two flowing white ribbons are wrapped around Holly's wrists, slowly waving in the wind. She has a skintight grey suit with silver armor plating on it. There's a deep violet logo for the Safe Haven on the chest. She has dark grey padded gloves and boots. She wields a large silver folding fan.





Holly is the founder of Safe Haven, a faction dedicated to civil service, well known for the rogue storms that her power creates. She had her eyes gouged out by Blackguard in a fight, permanantly blinding her. Holly retired after the destruction of the Safe Haven Orphanage.

Parahumans Online
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