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Impulsum is a density/volume manipulator, usually seen wielding a mace or sledgehammer with some modifications. Known to launch people into walls and cars.

Status Active
Classification Brute
Faction Safeguard
Alias Hammerbro, Thor, The Swan
Age 19
Origin Sweden


Density and Volume manipulation. Has been seen growing to heights as big as 16' and is known to launch people away with his attacks. Very effective in closed off spaces, and effective at controlling the battlefield . Has minor Tinker capabilities.

Costume Description


No known relationships


Has been seen Socializing with capes like Maid of Light and Supercell. Has been seen holding hands with Necrosis.


No known enemies to date.


Has helped hunt down a large fourlegged corpsewalker after the recent disturbance from Prince Pestillence.

Parahumans Online

He found and returned my sons stuffed rabbit after our home was demolished. He seems like a gentle soul. ~SmallTimeMom32

Decent feller. Does his job and does it well. ~ManlyMan54

I know who you really are. I WILL finish what i started. You're not getting away from me. ~BoneBreaker

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