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Please note that all information not in italics is considered OOC information.

Status Active
Classification Trump
Faction Torchbearers, The Resistance
Alias Rebellion, Coup d'état, Riot, Apostasy, Sedition
Age Unknown
Origin Unknown


Insurgency Is a human master that has the ability to turn hosts of it into full capes with their own powers.

Believed to be a power granting trump from members of The Resistance's mentions. Exact powers and capabilities unknown but known to share some senses with those granted power. Known powered members of the resistance include:

Rebellion: Breaker capable of taking on a state resembling a flickering large cat-like creature.
Coup d'état: A mover able to form and ride on hard light, capable of leaving landmine-like marks with this light.
Riot: Possible combat thinker with sub brute powers, often drunk during fights, possible correlation with power.
Apostasy: Believed to be a Case 53 or mutated cape with dragon like features. regeneration, and elemental breaths.
Sedition: Tinker specializing in ammunition.

Costume Description

Members of the resistance seem to have no strict code of costume, but many of their wears are punk-like in nature and cover their faces.

Exact costumes visible in this gallery:



Vesuvius: Long time friend, one of the few people to have witnessed Insurgency's actual form.

Fabricator General: Supplier of munitions and a fellow believer in providing power to the people.

Dryad: Briefly employed by one of Insurgency's hosts as a delivery-woman.


Tekna: After blowing the whistle on Terra, Tekna became an antagonizing force in insurgency's efforts to thwart the company.

Brick: Assaulted a host of insurgency and destroyed evidence they had when seeking refuge in Phalanx.


After various small speeches in parks and chance meetings with individuals around Grand Haven, a group known as The Resistance Started making a name for itself. Briefly being involved in feast before cutting contact and admonishing the group, A member of The Resistance known as Rebellion Joined the corporate hero group known as Gaia.

For several months much was s usual, Sedition was involved in an arrest of Dr. Nefarious, several members of The Resistance assisted in efforts against the Vices, and the amount of park speeches died down. That changed however with the assault and bombing of Kami's base. Rebellion's participation in the event led them and The resistance to be involved in the following gang war that only ended with the rebranding of Gaia to Terra.

Following this re-branding Rebellion assisted in the creation of Terra's new Eco-dome until she released a message to Grand Haven with evidence of Terra's wrong-doing and a warning of possible future plans in progress. This led to several conflicts with Tekna, who at the time had taken charge of Terra, until a final confrontation in which Rebellion was defeated and handed over to Blockbuster. Shortly afterwards a televised fight was held where Rebellion fought, and swiftly won, against Spellbound before choosing to spare her.

Following the fight The Resistance's operations died down somewhat until they started working together with Torchbearers. Their exact role in the group and what purpose it serves is currently unknown.

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