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Status Dead
Classification Trump
Faction Torchbearers
Alias Damien Turner
Age 21
Origin Grand Haven


A case 70 alongside Malekith, Keter can tap into a variety of 'sources', fractures into other dimensions that empower those exposed to them with various abilities.

Costume Description

Keter wears a white bodysuit with a white cape, and a full-face helmet with a black visor. While his power is active, his veins light up with a bright white light from underneath his skin, leaving his entire body glowing faintly.



Malekith, other members of Torchbearers.




Keter triggered in the Behemoth attack on Sri Lanka, on a tour bus alongside his twin brother. The event left him convinced that the only way to combat the slow decline and destruction of the world is for there to be more capes. Far more, heroes and villains alike. In order to help realize this vision, he and his brother, taking on the names Keter and Malekith for the first time, left to Grand Haven, where they founded the Torchbearers.

Parahumans Online
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